Virtual Classroom Design

Sell ​​your courses online!

LearnDash Virtual Classroom Design

LearnDash educational platform installation, configuration, design & development.  We also provide LearnDash system training.

WordPress Integration

Take advantage of the robust WordPress platform while building your virtual classroom. The LearnDash integration provides a user-friendly content manager that allows you to create courses easily.


Friendly and easy-to-use Content Manager to create courses.


Immediate 24 hour student access to purchased classes.

PAYPAL Integration

Securely accepts payments for online courses with PAYPAL's trusted payment gateway integration. Students can enjoy immediate access to purchased classes after their payment clears in just 24 hours or less!

Social Media Coordination

Drive more awareness about your courses by linking them directly from your social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram.

Certificates of Completion

Motivate students by awarding them certificates of completion after they successfully finish their course!

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is the most widely used learning management system trusted worldwide to create and market high quality instruction via online courses.

A professionally designed WordPress plugin, LearnDash creates virtual classrooms for all varieties of courses, lessons and evaluations. Virtually any type of content can be adapted.

Learndash integrates seamlessly with PayPal for all course sales and ensures a smooth student online transaction.

The crossroad of immersive e-learning and maximized content sales,  LearnDash is the preemptive model to present, price, upsell, and both control & grow your online educational content. 

Ready to set up your LearnDash classroom?

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