How to add Google Analytics to WordPress

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service which tracks your website data and provides various stats and reports.

Google Analytics collects a wide range of useful information including:

  • How people find your site (for example, via organic search, social media or paid advertising).
  • When your site is busiest and quietest.
  • Which webpages are most popular.
  • How long people spend browsing your site.
  • Which devices and browsers visitors are using.
  • … and much more!.

By collecting this information, you can base any decisions about updating or improving your website on real data. This gives you the best chance to increase your traffic and engagement, and therefore to maximise your WordPress website’s success.

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress with a plugin

Whether you’re a WordPress beginner or just like to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible, adding Google Analytics with a plugin is a great option.

With a Google Analytics plugin, you can also rest assured that your WordPress website data is always being collected, even if you change your design or theme.

Used by more than a million WordPress sites, MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin. The basic version is free, but you may want to add paid features such as tracking e-commerce sales.

Before installing MonsterInsights, make sure to back-up your site – just in case anything goes wrong! We explain how to back-up on WordPress in our Ultimate WordPress Optimisation Guide.

Once MonsterInsights has been added to your site, you’ll find ‘Insights’ appears in your WordPress dashboard menu. Click on this to start the setup wizard and connect MonsterInsights with your Google Analytics account. You’ll also need to select your preferred settings – the default option is suitable for most websites.

It’s that simple – Google Analytics is now installed on your WordPress site! You can visit Insights > Reports in your WordPress back-end at any time to see and analyse your data.

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